A way to earn dollars or more per day online

A way to earn dollars or more per day online


A way to earn dollars or more per day online


 If you’ve been on the internet for more than a few hours, you’ve likely seen at least one advertisement teaching you how to make thousands of dollars a minute, working from your underwear, in the comfort of your own home. 

These ads are so ridiculously popular that if you’re like most people, you start doubting whether it really IS possible to make money online. The truth is, it IS possible. It might be hard to make thousands of dollars a minute from the get-go (or at all ), but there are certainly ways you can make an extra $100 a day working from home with ease. In this report, 

I am going to share 87 different ways in which you can create more income. I have tried to cover all types of methods for all different personality and skill types, and I am confident that you’ll be able to find at least a few that sound good to you. 

While some of them require more work than others, please know that you can mix and match. For example, maybe you can do a few hours of forum moderation at $10 an hour for $30, and then make up the extra $70 doing something else. The key is to have fun and do whatever you enjoy. 

I have given an overview of each idea, and then fleshed them all out a little bit so you could get started on whatever you like, immediately. It is my sincere hope that you get a lot out of this report, and that you take action and start making money! 

1- Forum Posting :

 One of the easiest ways to make money online, if you have a flair for talking, is by forum posting. A lot of webmasters have started hiring people to post on their forums so that their forums look busy and popular. 

They feel that by making their forums look more popular, they will be able to attract more long-term visitors. When you’re posting in forums, all you would have to do is initiate new threads, or respond to existing ones, and keep conversations going. 

You may do this by posting interesting thoughts, thought-provoking conversation, or teaching people things. A cool perk of this job is that you get to learn new things. Also, if you post in forums that you’re already interested in, you basically get paid to have fun. In order for you to become a forum poster, here 

2- are some steps you can take: 

 Browse through freelancing sites such as Elance.com, Guru.com, Odesk.com, etc

 Apply for forum posting jobs on those sites

 Respond back to the buyer on time if you are called for an interview 

 Agree on the pay per post and the deadline 

 Get the job done within the accepted deadline

3- How much can I make out of forum posting? 

 For each forum post you make, the general prices range anywhere from $0.10 to $0.50 per post. If you have time to devote to this during the day and are able to make between 200 to 1000 posts (depending on how much your job is worth), then you can earn $100 a day. You can also, of course, do whatever you would like per day and then mix and match with another suggestion from our lists.

4- Forum Moderator: 

As long as forums exist, forum moderators need to exist. This is because webmasters need people to block negative comments, make sure things are running smoothly and forum users are getting their questions and comments responded to. 

To be a forum moderator, you would need to monitor comments posted by users, delete spam, answer questions from users, and reply to user messages. You would also encourage threads, add new content to the site, and block comments posted by people who ignore forum rules. 

If you have an interest in certain forums, this could be very interesting for you to do. Just like with forum posting, you also have the potential to learn a lot. You can find further tips here. In order for you to become a forum moderator, here are some steps you can take:

:  Post a profile on freelancing sites such as Elance.com, Guru.com, and Odesk.com. Describe your interests and your levels of expertise. 

 Look for forum moderator jobs on the same freelancing sites, and apply for them. 

 Google forum moderation job openings. 

 If there are forums you’re interested in, check with the owner. A lot of people don’t post on freelancing sites but rather prefer to hire people who post a lot. 

How much can I make out of moderating forums? 

 Depending on your role and experience, you can make anywhere from $5 to $20 an hour. You may want to start lower in order to build up your resume.

6- Create templates for Facebook Fan Pages: 

Many companies need to advertise themselves and Facebook Fan Pages are one phenomenal place to do it. You can either play with the Facebook fan page instructions, or you can grab Facebook templates to make your job easier. In order for you to make money with Facebook Fan Pages, here are some steps you can take: 

 Create a Facebook Fan Page for a business in your area. 

 Email them and show them what you’ve created. Let them know they can buy it if interested. 

 Flip the site. How much money can I make? You can reasonably expect $200 - $500 per site, and you may also want to charge a monthly maintenance fee.

7- Submit links to Social Bookmarking sites on other’s behalf: 

Because there are so many websites online, it can be very difficult for webmasters to get their sites noticed and stay competitive. In order to attract more visitors and build traffic for their site, website owners sometimes decide to submit their websites to Social Bookmarking sites. 

Instead of doing it themselves, they often opt to hire service providers for a small fee, to submit their website links on various Social Bookmarking sites. 

In order to submit links to Social Bookmarking sites on other’s behalf, here are some steps you can take: 

 Collect a list of quality Social Bookmarking sites which active members. You can do this by googling “popular social bookmarking sites”. 

 Decide on a fee structure and create a way to collect payment. 

 Try to find as many customers as possible. Start advertising your book on social networks, amongst friends, or via other traffic methods. 

 Get the website links submitted on time. Provide clients with reports on the number of sites you submitted and the links you have created for the customer from time to time How much can I make out with social bookmarking? 

 You can make earn between $10 per each set of 100 Social bookmarks, and slowly increase the rate you charge based on your expertise. 

8- Article writing: 

If you are a good writer, you can earn money by writing articles for people with websites. Many website owners know that they need to keep their websites current and up to date, but don’t have the time to constantly create new content for them. 

Because of that, they hire people who can write on their behalf. In order for you to become a content writer, here are some steps you can take: 

 Post a profile on freelancing sites such as Elance.com, Guru.com, and Odesk.com. Describe your interests and your levels of expertise. 

 Look for writing jobs on the same freelancing sites and apply for them. 

 Google “writer job openings”. 

 Ask the owners of websites that you already like if they are looking for writers. 

  Tip: Learn how to write articles in 7 minutes right here. How much can I make out of writing? 

 Content writing jobs pay anywhere from $1 to $100+ based on the length of the article and your expertise. If you’re already an expert on the topic you’re writing about, you can often charge a premium. 

 Even if you are new to writing, you can make upwards of $.50 for each 100 words on an article.

If there’s something you’re passionate about, 

you can create a blog where you can talk about it. This is a fun way to share your passions while learning and teaching about what you’re already excited about. In order to do this well, you would need to be a good writer with the ability to make people interested. 

You would also need to be able to post fairly regularly to a blog. Blogs can be monetized in several ways. Just some ways are to have companies pay you to post their advertisements (this is better for blogs with a lot of traffic), or put Google AdSense on your blog. 

With this option, Google pays you every time someone clicks on an advertisement. In order for you to become a Blogger, here are some steps you can take: 

 Choose a company to blog with. Two of the most popular ones are Blogger or Wordpress. 

  Decide if you want a free account or if you would like to host the blog on your own domain (if you bought a domain, your blog could like www.yourpassion.com, or a free account would look like www.yourpassion.wordpress.com). 

  Most people opt to buy a domain so that their blog appears more professional. If you choose to do this, you’ll need to sign up with a hosting company (I recommend HostGator – their plans are as low as $4.95 a month), and then have your domain routed to the hosting company. 

  This may sound difficult but it’s actually very easy, and HostGator’s customer support can help you with any questions. 

  After your blog is set up, decorate it however you would like (Wordpress calls the blog skins “themes”, and Blogger calls them “templates”) 

 Post news, lessons, stories, or anything relevant to your blog. 

 Add content as frequently as possible so that you build up a regular readership base. 

 Start advertising your site on social networks, amongst friends, or via other traffic methods. 

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