Create a business especially business that requires little capital and expects big profits.

Create a business especially business that requires little capital and expects big profits. 

Create a business especially business that requires little capital and expects big profits.


Making a business is not easy, especially a business that requires little capital, and expect big profits.Big profit can be thought about later, whichThe most important thing is that the business we live is in demand by consumers or not. I actually

confused to think about what kind of business is suitable, where it requires a little capitalbut get a profit even though the profit generated later is small. But something thatBig also starts from something little. Therefore I decided to

choose a wall writing entrepreneur. Why did I choose this, because besides me happy to draw also in the making is not too difficult.The materials used are also not too expensive, such as styrofoam, paper cardboard or asturo paper. The target market is school children, because school children

often need wall writing for competitions to beautify their class with pasting aphorisms on the classroom walls. Also students, for example write the title of the event which is installed in the hall stage curtain. Also agencies Certain people who organize an event will definitely need writing for the title events they host.

1- The steps I took in running the business:

1. Willingness and readiness

- Willingness to run the business is very important where I

- Must prepare mentally strong and strong determination.

2. Practice making designs

Trying to practice first by looking for good letter designs also see how good the quality of the work I make. Create a variety of designs.

3. Collecting capital

Where capital can be obtained from pocket money set aside, savings if you have. Because the price of the material is also not too expensive, namely pencils, erasers, rulers, cardboard or asturo, or the rather expensive styrofoam, dyes are not needed because the main ingredients, namely paper and styrofoam, already have colors.

These tools are easily found in stationery stores and affordable prices. Then tools For paper cutters, paper scissors can be used, then for Styrofoam the cutting tools can be made simple by using aluminum, copper wire, screws and these materials are not too expensive, because when I was in junior high school I used to make these tools as a practical assignment for physics subjects.

4. Place of doing business

Because I haven't been able to have the funds to buy or rent a place, to support the implementation of this business, it can be done at home provided we are trying to get consumers.there is difficulty in finding consumers, because not everyone need my services. However, I am trying my best.

6. Required power

If the order or orders are approximately fulfilled when done alone, then labor may not be needed, if possible the orders are large and the time is short, maybe you can seek help from family or friends who have free time.

7. Price

The price can be calculated from the cost of the materials used and the difficulty level of making the wall writing. The conclusion is that in running a business, especially if you have already run the business, it will be difficult at first, but all

what we live will be beautiful in its time. The results of our hard work will be enjoyed after going through several tiring processes, full of struggle, everything will feel good when we do it with pleasure.

And it won't feel like we've been through it all with our best efforts, to the best of our ability. We can't if we only try but also have to make an effort, pray to Allah that we will be given the best in all our efforts and blessings, smoothness, and safety.

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