Attracting tens of thousands of people each month to your blog and podcasts.

 Attracting tens of thousands of people each month to your blog

Attracting tens of thousands of people each month to your blog

Efficiently using outsourcing to exponentially increase annual sales. Implementing video to garner substantial traffic. Building a personal or business brand that is instantly recognized. Powering up your presentations to massively increase conversions Creating a meaningful app that attracts attention and sells.
1- Using SEO to boost your search ranking.
Generating offline and online publicity. Securing the right domain to build your multimillion-dollar
endeavor.Taking advantage of social media for sales, networking, and brand building.

2- And, much more.
This book is a comprehensive resource. Never before has so much wide-ranging Internet marketing knowledge been gathered that you can apply immediately to your business. As the online landscape grows increasingly complicated, Internet Prophets cuts straight to the chase and provides the precise answers you need to create your ideal lifestyle in
expedited fashion.

3- The time to take advantage of all the Internet offers is now. I look 
forward to our propheting together. Steve Olsher For more information and to access the video 
interviews, please visit

D amn Tim Ferriss. His bestselling book, The 4-Hour Workwek, popularized the idea of being your own boss, avoiding the rat race, shooting the alarm clock, and watching zeroes accumulate
4- business owners know 
that making it happen isn’t nearly as simple as setting up a shopping cart on your homepage. If an entrepreneur doesn’t need to wake up to an alarm, it’s probably because he never
went to sleep. Creating, and operating, a profitable business takes significant effort and dedication. 

That said, Tim provided a real service in spreading
the word that it’s not nearly as complicated to pull off as most people assume. Armand Morin is living proof that it’s possible and is a self- made multimillionaire. His company, which has only eight people on staff, has grossed over $85 million to date. His secret: Simplicity, and capitalizing on what’s next. These two powerful pillars have been Armand’s mantra throughout his stellar

Armand Morin: Perpetual Pioneer In 1995, telecommunications was red-hot, especially pre-paid phone cards and long-distance aggregators. Seizing the opportunity, Armand created a telecom company that provided long-distance discount

hisses of his 14.4 modem and sold his telecom venture to concentrate on the forthcoming Internet wave.
Armand’s first online venture reinvented the traditional advertising structure.

 As he was surfing the web he stumbled upon a site that provided links from a directory-based page to other sites. Site owners paid $20 to have the link created and no performance guarantee or
representation of traffic was provided. 

6- The idea intrigued him and he
sought to replicate the model. Using an AOL website builder to launch his first page, he began to market his service online. The year was 1996 and, at the time, there were few options for driving traffic to one’s site. Given that thousands of pages were being created daily, the opportunity to provide low cost exposure was appealing. In his first week, 

7- Armand earned more than $8,000. Unfortunately,
current automation technologies and financial tools didn’t exist. For buy advertising, they’d have to send him a check. He’d then have to wait for the check to clear before undertaking the arduous process of entering each link by hand. 

8- Given the significant volume of business 
Armand had generated, this took a great deal of time. Armand responded by hiring data entryworkers and also by developing proprietary software to simplify the process. As traffic online increased, sites that offered free products such as calendars and business-related reports gained in popularity.
Search engines, however, were just in their infancy. 

During Armand’s detailed study of the Internet, he’d created more than 600 bookmarks for sites that offered customers free products and resources. After organizing the sites into categories, he offered the 
list for sale… for $110.

He sold 100 in the first week. Traffic spiked from there. Eventually, the site attracted over two million visitors per month. In just 12 weeks, his company grossed over $4 million. Tools Equal Jewels Sometimes when things are going most smoothly, life puts a speed bump cash must be the result of illegal activities. 

10- Nothing, however, was even
remotely illegal about Armand’s operation. Regardless, they wouldn’t  listen and put millions into deep freeze. At this point, some might have thrown in the towel while crying about grossly unfair treatment. Not Armand. He immediately sought to create effective tools to help others avoid the same fate. There were two glaring issues that needed to be  addressed:

Gaining access to a merchant processing service that would release funds earned. Armand started devouring as much information as he could find on the subjects. From white papers on merchant accounts and credit card processing to industry reports on available software and forthcoming technologies, he absorbed a huge amount of knowledge, and boiled down the most critical facts into an easy to understand report.

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