Creating The Reinvention Workshop which many describe as the

Creating The Reinvention Workshop which many describe as the 

Creating The Reinvention Workshop which many describe as the

Creating The Reinvention Workshop which many describe as the pivotal event in their lives.Developing and hosting Reinvention Radio (, the show dedicated to “creating empowered leadersdriven to make a monumental difference.”Help Book of the Year, Journey To You: A Step-by-Step Guide to

1- Becoming Who You Were Born to Be.

  Being featured on ABC TV, FOX TV,, and more than 200 radio shows including national programs hosted by Lou Dobbs, Jim Bohannon, and Mancow Muller. Perhaps most fulfilling, I now have the opportunity to speak to

people of all ages and see the light in their eyes as they envision creating a life filled with fulfillment, success, and happiness. The How  I don’t provide the history of my life to boast, but to help explain the motivation for creating this book. As I’ve continued on my journey


and realized the power of discovering one’s WHAT, I’ve found that discovering your purpose is not always enough. To attain your objectives, you often also need the right tools and skills. In other words, you need to have the HOW.

3- Today, there’s typically no easier 

way to achieve your goals than by leveraging the extraordinary power of the Internet. After nearly two decades online, I realized I knew very little about how to fully grasp even a small fraction of the Internet’s potential. This had to change, so I began searching for answers. Consulting my good friend Google, I

found a number of wizards who, for thousands of dollars, could teach me the ropes. But I sought more than just one person’s perspective. Ikept digging. I asked my associates who they knew and liked. Their answers were consistent. I also explored online forums, product reviews, and other incredible content to choose from, it was difficult to make a choice.

4- I really wanted to work with all

 of them, as each covered topics pertinent to my business. But at a cost of $2,000 or more to train with each one individually, this was not a possibility. I then exhaustively searched for a single product that provided specific how-to information

5- Define step-by-step details for exactly what to do.

 rationale for wanting to help others learn precisely how to profit online and asked if they’d be willing to: from a variety of experts. My search came up empty for an all- encompassing product.

Provide valuable resources for getting started.
To my delighted amazement, 25 said they’d be happy to participate. Over the next four months, I had the privilege of sitting down with many of the world’s leading experts and asking questions that cut straight to

the bone. As a no-nonsense interviewer, I wanted answers that could be immediately applied to mybusiness…and yours. None of them batted an eye. Each delivered advice, knowledge, and specific HOW-TO instructions to assist you in bringing your unique

6- WHAT to the world regardless of whether 
you’re an experienced or novice marketer. The people with whom I’m honored to have conducted interviews include a virtual who’s who of the online world:
   Janet Bray Attwood: An alliance expert, and co-author of The New York Times bestseller, The Passion Test: The Effortless Path to

7- Discovering Your Life Purpose.  
Christopher (Kit) Codik: Co-founder and CEO of   Dean DeLisle: Marketing and business development expert with 30 years of experience and an extensive focus on social networking.
   Mike Filsaime: Internet marketing legend, and creator of Butterfly Marketing—which grossed over $1 million within the first five days of its release.

Pat Flynn: Blogging expert and founder of SmartPassiveIncome. com Kathleen Gage: Internationally recognized Internet marketing advisor.  Steve Harrison: Publicity expert and co-owner of Bradley
Communications, Inc.

8- Dan Hollings: Online, offline, and mobile marketing specialist
who headed the Internet launch strategy team for The Secret. Pam Ivey: Expert on virtual assistants and outsourcing. Mike Koenigs: Video expert who created the bestselling Internet products Traffic Geyser and Cross-Channel Mojo, and is largely credited with inventing Internet infomercials. John Kremer: Marketing expert and author of 1001 Ways t Market Your Books.

9- whose online business has generated over 
$85 million in  Mike Muhney: Co-creator of ACT!, which began the Contact Management industry, and an app expert. Marc Ostrofsky: Bestselling author of Get Rich Click!, speaker, venture capitalist, and serial entrepreneur. Perhaps best known
for his $7.5 million sale of

10- Christian Pankhurst : 
Coach, speaker, author, and 2009 winner of Britain’s Next Top Coach competition. David Riklan: President and founder of Self-Improvement Online Inc., which owns
 Leslie Rohde: Internationally recognized SEO strategist.   Riel Roussopoulos: Creative professional, technology strategist, and QR Code evangelist.

Callan Rush : 
Leader to Luminary Training CEO and top- notch sales and marketing expert. 
Jennifer Sheahan : Facebook advertising expert and founder of FBAdsLab.
Yanik Silver : 
Maverick marketing expert and serial entrepreneur with eight different million-dollar products and services.
Kristin Thompson : Presentation expert and offline conversion specialist.
Jeff Vacek : Information marketing expert, online specialist, and co-creator of Blueprint to Financial Freedom.
Christopher Van Buren : Launch development expert and author.
Jason Van Orden : Internet marketing and online media strategist. Co-founder of Internet Business Mastery, the top- rated Internet business and marketing-related podcast.

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