How can you create a successful project by all measures

How can you create a successful project by all measures

How can you create a successful project by all measures


learn more and/or purchase Get Rich Click!, visit or use your mobile device to scan the QR code to the right. Over the years, Marc has learned invaluable business lessons.If you want to dramatically increase your chances for success, heed his wisdom.

 1- Know What You Don’t Know

One person cannot possibly know everything and be good at all things. Unfortunately, far too many are reluctant to release the reigns and unable to admit they may not be the best person for the job. Recognize your weaknesses and leverage the strengths of others to propel your business forward. 

2- Beginning to understand what you don’t know is the first step

toward achieving this goal. For example, if you want to open a restaurant and have never done so before, there’s more you don’t know than you do. Yes, you could buy myriad how-to books, go behind the scenes at other venues, and attempt

To learn how to do everything, but this will take valuable energy and resources away from your key focus—launching your business—and are a poor investment of time. By understanding what you don’t know, you can become clear on whom you need to hire and what holes exist in your game plan. 

3- This canonly happen if you’re willing to be brutally honest

…and avoid being so cheap, you’ll never accumulate wealth. Numerous low-cost and free options exist in virtually every field. For example: An awesome site where you can find someone to do darn near anything for $5.

   Free website builder. Profile builder.

   Free Flash websites. Free Facebook Fan Pages.


Recognize that there are literally millions of people who can help you get to where you want to go. The days of lengthy trial-and- error processes and learning from your mistakes, while still beneficial, are over.

4- Today, there are free video tutorials, 

newsletters, seminars, podcasts and more that provide the tools you need and direct access to valuable resources. Sure, you can do it all yourself, but you can also build your get done, you’ll have already lost the race…twice.

Knowledge really is power.  Concentrate on what you do well and leave literally everything else alone. Once you know what you don’t

know, move to Lesson #2.

Surround Yourself With Intelligent People Hands down, this is one of the most important concepts. Successful people don’t create formidable organizations alone. Yes, they provide the vision, direction, and ideas, but other people execute. 

5- Let’s return to the

example of building an Internet business. Creating a successful online venture is very difficult. The “all we need is a website to make millions” mentality leaves would-be high rollers scratching their heads wondering what happened. 

A successful Internet company requires substantial effort from a multitude of experts. A smart businessperson stands on the shoulders of giants and allows those who understand their area of expertise to flourish. A control freak who feels it’s more important to cross every t and dot every i will eventually go broke.


Meaningful growth is a result of concerted effort by talented people. This is the equation to model for success. In the words of Michael E. Gerber, the author of The E-Myth Revisited, you want to “work onyour business, not in your business.” To purchase

The E-Myth Revisited or for more information, please visit or scan the QR code to the right. Of course, not everyone can afford to hire experts right out of the gate. However, there are multiple ways to accomplish your desired objectives:

6- Ask an expert for help. 

Be advised, however, that you’re more likely to elicit a positive response if you first offer to promote their work, submit an article for their blog, volunteer at a live event, etc. and then ask for what you’d like. 

7- People will go to

bat for those they know and trust far before they’ll help those they don’t. And, while it’s commonplace to be intimidated by other’s success, keep in mind that, other than those born with silver spoons and trust funds, they’re just like you. 

They started out with a dream, worked the plan, and accomplished their objectives. Most decent entrepreneurs will lend an ear to a though, they’ll offer invaluable words of wisdom.

8- Cut off a piece of equity, 

Or partner with someone who has cash and resources. Money only makes money when it’s invested. An incredible number of high net-worth individuals are sitting on the sidelines waiting for the right opportunity.30% of a million-dollar company is far better than 100% of a


company that is valueless. Craft a plan and pitch it until you’re blue in the face. If you knock on enough doors, someone will answer. Hire interns. Universities are stacked with talented students who need work experience and a place to implement their abilities. 

9- Many will work for free while others require only a

small stipend to help offset living expenses. By providing an inspiring environment where they can implement tangible application of their knowledge and skills, you’ll end up with plenty of takers.

10- Bring on performance-based employees. 

In other words, pay them only when their actions result in sales. And, when they make rain, be willing to pay them a huge commission. If they’re good, you’ll eventually have flexibility to bring them on as salaried employees. 

Surrounding yourself with intelligent people has numerous benefits. Perhaps the greatest of which is being able to incorporate differentmultiple solutions to problems and obstacles exist. 

11 -Having intelligent,

capable people on your side empowers you to move beyond your self- imposed limitations and achieve remarkable results.

12- Learn More, Earn More™

Contrary to popular belief, education is a lifetime endeavor and exists outside of the classroom. As a matter of fact, college may be the single worst investment a parent can make, but we’ll save that discussion for another book. 


Too often, people attend grade school, graduate from college, and consider their education complete. Ultra-successful people like Marc never stop learning.

Fortunately, there are more ways to learn now than ever before—and much of the content is free. From newsletters and substantive videos, to seminars, books, DVD’s, and podcasts, you could spend a lifetime

trying to consume all of the available information without coming close to doing so. The successful understand that you must continually be a student. No matter the degree of success achieved, true masters never


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