Currency Marketing Companies for Better Profit

Currency Marketing Companies for Better Profit 

Currency Marketing Companies for Better Profit

But these companies had to spend millions of dollars to market and promote their brands. In general, a domain name that describes the business you’re in will be more effective, and more likely to appear in search results, than one that doesn’t.

 The latter is especially important, as 85-88% of all traffic is generated via search engines and direct marketing.At the same time, an estimated 12-15% of all traffic is a result of direct navigation (e.g., typing a URL directly into your browser’s address bar). 

That makes short, easy to spell one-word domains especially valuable. A huge market has emerged for buying and selling domains. If the domain you want is already taken, you may find it to be prohibitively expensive to purchase. 

Marc recommends limiting your .com domain investment budget and considering other domains such as .biz, .info, .net, and .org. He believes a domain such as is of much greater value than a less relevant .com domain such as Sites such as JustDropped.

com, and domain brokers and, offer thousands of domains for sale. You can also Google “domain names dropped,” “new domains,” and “domain name buy and sell” to find domains that may work well for you.

Domains are here to stay, and so is the demand for them. You may not make millions buying and selling domains; but you’ll never know unless you get into the game.


1- Final Advice

overwhelmed by the idea of starting a business, the stars will never align to provide the exact moment in time with which to begin. 

There willalways be reasons not to do something. From kids and work obligations to health issues and lack of investment funds, it is inevitably easier to focus on all of the reasons why you can’t bring your ideas to fruition, as

2- Opposed to why you can.

For that reason alone, don’t let years pass and opportunity disappear. Once you have the wheels in motion, you’ll be like a locomotive on a downhill track, only you can step on the brakes. 

Success is the direct result of a focused investment of time, effort, and resources. Marc is the personification of someone who has mastered this equation and, by following his example, you can absolutely learn to Get Rich Click!


   Know what you don’t know. The path to freedom requires you to gain an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, choose what to do with this understanding, and powerfully move forward based on your conscious choices.

   Hire your weaknesses. There are extremely capable people who want to help bring your vision to reality. Let go of the reigns. You can’t possibly do it all. Ask for help and opinions. The smartest people continually put

3- Themselves in position to be 

The dumbest person in the room. While counter-intuitive, remember Enron. The riches are in the niches. Do one thing, do it better than anyone else, and get paid extraordinarily well for your specific talent.

4- Connect buyers and sellers. 

You can make a substantial income doing so. grosses $80 million annually a year and doesn’t inventory a single product.The right domain is important. However, you don’t have to own an industry-leading, category-defining domain. 

Google, Yahoo, and many other companies have built significant brands around meaningless words. That said, owning is certainly

better than owning More, Earn More™. Continuing education is not an option, it’s a necessity. Hire a coach, attend seminars, buy DVD’s, andbecome a part of a mastermind group. Learning is a lifelong process. 

5- Get started. This is the key. 

The stars will never align and provide the perfect time to do something. Now is the time. Tomorrow may be too late. anik Silver is an Internet marketing pioneer. Unfamiliar with the name? You will find it consistently near the top of the GuruDA ( 

6- A child of Russian immigrant, 
Yanik came to the U.S. when he was 2 and began working in his father’s medical equipment sales and service business at the age of 14. In 1995, when he was 21, one of Yanik’s customers suggested he 
listen to a tape by Jay

6- Abraham on direct response marketing. 
This was a life-altering event. Yanik applied Abraham’s principles to his father’s business and sales skyrocketed. The company morphed from a small regional business to a large, nationwide player. 
 His initial direct marketing success led to a new idea: Instant Sales Letters. 

The year was 2000 and the Internet was fast approaching mainstream status.Yanik began to think that, if he could sell report-style information via hard-copy advertisements and phone orders, the potential for selling this same information online could be significant. 

7- He compiled many of the ads 
And letters he’d written for his dad, as well as information from consultations he’d been involved with over the years, and created a downloadable package priced at $29.95. By the end of the year, sales for Instant Sales Letters had reached six figures. 

Today Yanik’s business-to-business consulting services come with a five-figure price tag, and entrepreneurs are standing in line.  In this chapter, Yanik outlines the key steps you can use to also 
realize online marketing success.

8- The Keys To The Kingdom
Direct Response Marketing existed long before the Internet. It’s a method of targeting clients directly through various media by offering a specialized product or service along with a discounted rate or perk, coupled with a deadline for action. In 1995, 

Yanik started down this path by placing an ad in a dermatologic journal offering a free educational report to teach dermatologists and cosmetic/plastic surgeons how to increase patient volume. 

9- To receive the report, the doctors simply
Needed to call an 800 number.Though the report itself was free, it included an order form to purchase additional materials further outlining the process of increasing patient volume and a deadline to respond.  After cultivating several leads and sending the free reports, Yanik still had no orders. 

the first order for the additional material came through. The rub? Yanik something even more valuable: The knowledge there was a market for it. He contacted the client to inform him the document was being “republished” and would be available in 30 days. He then got to work

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